Reviews from students of North Cross Commercial Driving School

Reviews from students of North Cross Commercial Driving School

What are past graduates are saying:  95% First time pass rate! Lowest class costs – $2,750!!

The following statements are reviews and testimonials from past North Cross graduates.

North Cross Commercial Driving School is worth the money you spend on the courses. They are really there to help you get your new career in the trucking industry off on the right foot. It does not matter your skill set, with their experience and knowledge they will help you be the best you can be. North Cross teaches you the skills needed to start your new

David Hefter,    Graduate

“I visited four truck schools in the area before I settled on North Cross. Small class size, lots of road time, very thorough training on air brake systems, and more. The instructors are all career truckers and really want to turn out safe professional drivers. I heard they have the best test scores and first-try pass percentage in the state, and I believe it.

Jeffrey Russell,    Graduate

“I checked out 4 of the driving schools in the area and decided on North Cross Commercial Driving School. The determining factor for me was the skills and knowledge of the instructors as well as the informative and friendly staff that works there. I did receive my CDL on my first attempt in September, 2010. I was also given assistance to find a job. I know that the small class size and individual hands on instruction given by North Cross instructors made sure that I received the training I needed to be successful getting my CDL. Thank you North Cross!”

Jack,  Graduate

Thank you North Cross. Glenn, Ed, and Nicky (along with Jerry and Jimmy, in our case) gave us the tools we needed to be a successful and “driving” force in our industry. My partner Chris and I value the education and confidence which was the core part of our experience with NC. The skills we acquired allowed us to achieve a dedicated run w/in 6 mos. of driving the 48. We cannot thank you enough.

Donna Adkins Bonham,   Graduate