North Cross Commercial Driving School

North Cross Commercial Driving School, located in Mount Vernon, Washington State, offers training for obtaining your CDL license and to become a productive, safe and employable member of the trucking community.

CDL Refresher Course overview: :

CDL refresher training is a four to eight day course for the driver who has previously earned a CDL, has past driving experience, and wants to polish up and refresh their driving skill before taking a pre-employment test with a potential employer.

Give us a call, or drop by any time during the hours of 8 AM to 3 PM and we can talk. The coffee is always on!

North Cross Commercial Driving School - 40 years of Experience:

“Running a fleet of commercial trucks as well as leasing vehicles to other small business owners morphed over time in to also the training of people on how to safely drive, maintain a commercial vehicle. Many of his students became his drivers over the years or began their own trucking business. Glenn has an unparalleled network within the western Washington trucking industry as he has known, trained and worked with many of the local commercial trucking business owners, which he draws from to place his students after graduation from North Cross Commercial Driving School.”


Check Our Testimonials:

"I visited four truck schools in the area before I settled on North Cross. Small class size, lots of road time, very thorough training on air brake systems, and more. The instructors are all career truckers and really want to turn out safe professional drivers. I heard they have the best test scores and first-try pass percentage in the state, and I believe it. "...Jeffrey Russell,
Graduated Nov 2010

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