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North Cross CDL School for Driver Training Courses $2,750

North Cross CDL School, located in Burlington, Washington State, offers training for obtaining your CDL license and to become a productive, safe and employable member of the trucking community.  The 4-week Class-A license course is priced at only $2,750.00 

95% CDL Success Testing Pass Rate – first time!  Lowest price classes with most experienced Instructors!

At North Cross CDL School, our goal is not only to give you training to obtain your CDL ( Commercial Drivers License), we are also dedicated to training you in many aspects of trucking so that you will become a good trucker, and hence a valuable asset to your employer. With our established network of contacts in the local trucking industry, we can also provide assistance in job placement after your graduation.

Rather than expecting you to blindly memorize terms, we provide you with an underlying understanding of how things work. This not only makes you a more valuable asset to your employer, it makes it easier for you to confidently pass your tests. Our fleet of school trucks provide you with the hands-on experience necessary to productively learn, while classes, laboratory, and observation time is used to complete the learning experience.

Our large school grounds allow initial orientation driving practice, and plenty of space to practice backing the tractor/truck combinations in both coned and real-world situations.

Burlington is an easy commute from most parts of either Skagit County or Snohomish Co. The skilled and knowledgeable staff has years of industry experience and can answer your toughest questions. At North Cross CDL School, we are proud to have one of the highest CDL (licensing) passing rates in the state.

We offer job placement assistance and several financing options for tuition, including charge cards. The standard 4-week Class-A license course is priced at only $2,750.00, giving you a quick payback on your career investment.

How effective is North Cross training? While typical first-time CDL test passing rates in Washington are 55%, North Cross students pass the commercial truck licensing  (cdl) test on the first try with a 95% pass rate, then most go on to find driving employment within about ten days.
North Cross CDL School is approved by the WA State Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board.

Give us a call, or drop by any time during the hours of 8 AM to 3 PM and we can talk. The coffee is always on!

CDL Commercial Driver Class-A Course overview:

“CDL Class A training is offered in either a four-week or six-week curriculum. The four-week course cost is $2,750. The six-week course provides you with additional preparation for the employer’s pre-employment road tests that you are likely to be taking. Both four and six-week courses prepare you for the rigorous three-part CDL exam.”